MMC Facts

  1. MMC has been in operation in the NT since 1988 and has been owned by Terry & Evelyn Pike since 1993 and remains a 100% NT Family owned and Operated business.
  2. Did you know MMC offers Labour Hire Services and has since 1988.
  3. MMC offer in-house fabrication services that includes, structural, pipework, plate work & Maintenance.
  4. MMC has automated tank rotators and can fabricate tanks as heavy as 40 tonne and as big as 8 metres in diameter.
  5. MMC has been sponsoring the Palmerston & Humpty Doo Veterans Golf Championships for the past 21 years.
  6. MMC has two workshops fitted with unique swinging doors that open as big as 25mx10m and the other 17mx10m making the workshops ideal for Modular Pre-Assembly.