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07 May 2019

MMC's General Manager and Business Development Manager, attended the Conocophillips Extension of Life presentation today, held by the Energy Club NT. It was a great turn out with the attendance having to be limited to 2 people per a company. 

Conocophillips Australia have taken the initiative to introduce all lead contractors to local NT businesses to maximise our opportunities. They also took the chance to give an overview of the project. 

Great work, let's hope it materialises!

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We’ve recently had an interesting little project happening in our workshop. These Trommels sit at the discharge end of a grinding mill & once installed will be fit-up with screening panels. As the mill discharges, fine product goes through the screens and enters the processing plant, whist larger products are caught and put back through the grinding mill.

Fully Fabricated from Grade 316 stainless steel, these trommels were intentionally made oversized so that the mating flanges could be machined back to ensure millimetre perfect face-to-face dimensions and 100% final fit-up!

A shout out to SLE Engineering who completed the machining aspect utilising their vertical borer as well as MMC’s roll forming, fabrication & welding teams!

Great job to all involved!

MMC's General Manager, enjoyed a night out at the Newmont Tanami 2019 Women in Resources NT Awards Gala Dinner, on Friday Night at SkyCity Casino. The night was in celebration of the people who are making a difference in the Resource Industry. It recognises the high achievements of Women, Men and Companies who are changing the resource industry by ways of a more diverse works force and recognising their contributions.
Congratulations to all the winners and a shout out to Newmont as the major sponsor for 2019.

Last Friday Rebecca and Courtney represented MMC at the AIOP NT Office Professionals Breakfast, held at the Darwin Casino.

AIOP awarded the NT Office Professional of the year to, Shenagh Gamble and the NT Up and coming Office Professional of the year to Torrese Bell.

MMC would like to congratulate all of the nominees and the finalists of the awards.

A special thank you to Fetch Berrimah for extending an invite to MMC

MMC's General Manager and Business Development Manager, attended the Conocophillips Extension of Life presentation today, held by the Energy Club NT. It was a great turn out with the attendance having to be limited to 2 people per a company. 

Conocophillips Australia have taken the initiative to introduce all lead contractors to local NT businesses to maximise our opportunities. They also took the chance to give an overview of the project. 

Great work, let's hope it materialises!

Back in the last week of March, MMC Sponsored the Gone But Not Forgotten Tour group, who celebrated their 15 year anniversary this year.
This picture is of a group of men at the Black Bull Golf Course, who have travelled from all across Australia to compete in the Yarrawonga Golf Tour, down in Victoria.
It was a great week out and plenty of celebrating the last 15 years.
MMC are proud to sponsor event's such as these.
This month MMC would like to shine the light on End Fire, who were previously known as Alert Fire, for their fantastic Service!
Dale came into our offices & Workshops and completed all the tasks very professionally, without delay and without disruption to the workplace. This was noted by the MMC Managers and many others throughout the office and workshops.
We will continually be using End Fire and would recommend them to all our fellow Darwin residents!
End Fire - Ben – 08 8947 3949

MMC Australia are pleased to partner with Hydro Australia  to bring Hydro’s world-class Pump expertise to Darwin for significant benefits to any operators, contractors and end-users in industries such as Oil and Gas, Mining, Construction, Resources and Energy.


Working together, from MMC’s purpose built facilities in Darwin’s East Arm, MMC and Hydro offer a combination of our capabilities for onshore and offshore projects which require both on and offsite, installation, repairs and maintenance of pumps and associated piping and process equipment.


Our specialist pump products and services include:


• Pump refurbishment, (onsite and workshop).

• Reverse engineering, (onsite and workshop).

• Onsite pump testing and Wireless condition monitoring.

• Engineered spare parts – machined components and cast components.

• Onsite pump machining and welding.

• Full, onsite and offsite Structural, Mechanical and Piping work.

• Onsite and offsite exotic material coded welding services.


Hydro Australia, which opened October 1998, is a pump aftermarket service centre in Hydro's worldwide pump service organization, providing quality engineering, pump rebuilding and on-site field services to pump users in Australia, New Zealand, New Caledonia, Vietnam, Malaysia, and South East Asia.

MMC Australia is a genuine Northern Territory owned and operated family business specialising in Fabrication, Welding, Fitting, Machining, Wear Lining and Personnel solutions for the last 27 years.

MMC have a long history of supporting our employees in growing and expanding their skill sets. 
Just in 2019 alone we have held 2 Working Safely at Heights Courses, 2 Confined Space Courses, a Dogging course as well as an EWP Course. Over the next week we will have 11 MMC Employees completing their CN course. 
We have previously put several people through their Work Health Safety Courses, Breath Testing and Drug Screening Courses alongside our continued apprenticeship program. We have seen employees who have started out as apprentices and moved up to Leading Hand positions and acting Supervisors not only in our workshop but on Various mine sites as well.


Congratulations to Eduardo Pena, who has taken home the MMC employee of the month prize for March.
Ed always shows outstanding work ethic, but has stood out this past month for his packing and strapping diligence, ensuring painted jobs are delivered to our valued clients unscathed.
Well done Ed, keep up to great work!
After a lot of preliminary works of site survey, measuring and workshop fabrication we have now installed a large number of process pumps at Global Resources Recovery's Processing Plant in Darwin. This has allowed us to achieve a small milestone of installing our first 50 lineal meters of stainless piping and has so far gotten us off to a great start.
MMC are very proud of our apprentices and younger tradesman, responsible for the quality fabrication and installation.
Our friends at Cross Solutions have been busy carrying out a 3D scan of the piping module and building a model for us which will assist us in a prompt turn-around as well as getting shop drawings completed and ready for fabrication.
With 50 or more new lines to fabricate we are now well on our way to pushing on with the piping phase of this project.
Great work from MMC's Project Manager Matt and our on-site Supervisor Lloyd who have been overseeing this process for Global Resource Recovery.
To see the photos head to our Facebook or LinkedIn pages.  

Industry News

Find out what's happening, in the NT and around Australia in the mining, construction and oil & gas industries:

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A native metal is any type of metal that is found in its pure metallic form in nature. While aluminium is the most abundant metal in the Earth's crust, it only occurs on its own in nature in low oxygen environments inside some volcanoes . The main source of aluminium is bauxite ore, which in turn is composed of minerals such as gibbsite (Al2O3.3H2O), boehmite (Al2O3.H2O) and diaspore. Australia is the biggest producer of bauxite in the world.

Gold is the best-known native metal, found by itself or alloyed with copper or other noble metals like silver, platinum and palladium.

Copper is also found in its pure form, but the majority of copper in Australia is found as copper iron sulfide(CuFeS2) or chalcopyrite. Copper is also found in azurite Cu3(CO3)3 and malachite Cu3(CO3)2.

Native silver oxidises very quickly. Most silver in Australia is found in trace amounts in freibergite, tetrahedrite and pyragyrite in the lead mineral galena (PbS).

Australia has approximately 38 per cent of the world's recoverable deposits of uranium and we are world's third largest producer of uranium after Canada and Kazakhstan.

We also have the world's largest deposits of brown coal, lead, rutile, zircon, nickel, tantalum, and zinc.

Australia has the world's second largest reserves of bauxite behind the Republic of Guinea, and the world's second largest deposit of gold, equal with Russia.

We rank fourth in the world for iron ore deposits behind the Ukraine, Russia and China. We rank third in production behind Brazil and China and are the world's largest exporter of iron ore.

Follow this Facebook page for the truth about fracking in the NT. Read the facts for yourself to make up your mind

These are just some of the reasons we need it;

1. To improve the current state of the economy so we can help reduce the number of businesses closing their doors

2. To stop the falling prices of our homes

3. To have private industry invest into the NT rather than constantly relying on Government.

4. To give our kids future prosperity and the choice to stay in Darwin to study and work and to give locals pathways for work right now.

5. To increase our population so we continue to receive some level of GST, the formula is set in stone. 

6. To ensure the revenue comes back into the NT and not into Canberra or overseas like other major projects have done in the past.

7. Onshore Gas will provide power to nearby communities and stations. (Currently, QLD power grid stops at the NT/QLD border and the NT power grid stops at Mataranka.

8. Fracking will open the door to 1,500 jobs  for locals here in the NT. 

All the reports and history proves fracking of natural shale gas (not coal seam or oil) has not had any water contamination incidents. NSW Chief Scientist reviewed the evidence from 2.5 million fracking wells around the world and failed to identify a single case of contaminating ground water. 

This is a fasinating mine, not only for its size but how they had to deal with freezing temperatures when it was operational. 

Mirny Mine is the world’s biggest Diamond mine, at 525 meters in depth and 1,200 meters in diameter, it is the 2nd largest excavated hole in the world and the 4th deepest. Diamonds were first discovered in 1955 and while it’s no longer operational, when it was it took 2 hours for trucks to drive from the bottom to the top.
The temperatures in winter were so cold that the entire mine had to be covered completely overnight to stop machinery from freezing. They encountered numerous problems throughout winter like, oil freezing, steel and car tyres shattering.

 Check out this video to see how the mining industry has been running in Mirny, Eastern Siberia, Russia.


Beach Energy has entered into an equity deal over two prospects at the Ironbark offshore gas project in the Carnarvon Basin, Western Australia. Click here article for the full story.